Edwin H. Sinclair, Jr.

Edwin H. Sinclair has been a successful businessman, investor and author for many years now. The information in his books comes from his own experiences, the many mistakes he admits to having made, plus interviews with friends and associates who have been kind enough to contribute information about their own experiences with respect to the subjects of his books.

When Sinclair decided to retire from writing, he gave Mr. Grossman permission to 'kill him off' in one of the Legal Mysteries. If you're curious about Sinclair's demise, you should read Murder Under Way also available from Amazon.com as either a dead-tree or eBook. See details at  www.LegalMystery.com.

       Deposition Preparation
How to Be Deposed Without Making a Fool Out of Yourself

By Edwin H. Sinclair, Jr.

This book is the standard used by attorneys all over the country to prepare a client to be deposed, and most major law firms maintain several copies in their law libraries, to be given to clients - thereby saving lawyers time and clients money. The book covers all the important things that any person being deposed should know about how to behave and how to properly answer questions.

The Nigerian Fraud Conspiracy: Paperback Kindle Non-Kindle AudioBook  

Deposition Preparation: Paperback Kindle Non-Kindle AudioBook  

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Do We Really Have To Pay It?:
Paperback Kindle Non-Kindle AudioBook  

Publish & Perish: Paperback Kindle Non-Kindle AudioBook UR22P

Secrets to Success: Paperback Kindle Non-Kindle AudioBook  

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